Everything you need to know to meet Tinker Bell at Pixie Hollow in Mickey’s Toontown Fair

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Tips to avoid long lines when getting an autograph or your picture taken with Tinkerbell.

Can you meet Tinkerbell in person? Yes – you can meet Tinkerbell and her fairy friend at Pixie Hollow in the Mickey’s Toontown Fair area of Disney’s Magic Kingdom theme park. Here’s what you need to know before you go:

For many, many years Disney said that there would never be a Tinkerbell “Meet & Greet” area for photos and autographs because…well…Tinkerbell is very tiny and people are much larger. This creates some special difficulties that have only been overcome recently. Disney solved the problem by creating a special area where Magic Kingdom theme park guests are shrunk down to fairy size, making it so much easier for fairies and humans to interact. Some say this happens by magic and others attribute it to modern technological advances. On the other hand, some skeptics suggest guests don’t really shrink and that the whole thing is it is a trick of the eye brought about by making everything in the room look bigger. I’m not an expert on shrinking technology or pixies so I’ll limit my comments to an area where I am an expert: experiencing Disney attracations without waiting in long lines!

Long lines are a huge issue at Pixie Hollow because the fairies want to make each person feel special and this takes time. Lines to meet the fairies build quickly but move slowly.

1. If you want to see Tinkerbell, you need to line up at the entrance of the “Mickey’s Toontown Fair” area of the Magic Kingdom before it opens – when the park opens at 9:00AM, “Mickey’s Toontown Fair” typically opens at 9:45 or 10:00AM. This is subject to change so check your theme park times guide as soon as you arrive. Plan to line up at the entrance by 9:35AM, at the latest.

2. You cannot take strollers through the line to see the fairies so park your stroller in the appropriate area near the “Mad Tea Party” ride (Fantasyland area). Parking your stroller before “Mickey’s Toontown Fair” opens will save valuable time when you get to Pixie Hollow.

3. Go to the left side of the crowd gathering at the entrance. You’ll be turning to the left to go into Pixie Hollow at “Mickey’s Toontown Fair” so starting out on this side of the crowd puts you at a slight advantage.

4. When Mickey’s Toontown Fair opens, a cast member (Disney employee) will direct everyone to walk at a reasonable pace (no running allowed) toward the Toontown Hall of Fame. Politely pass slow movers & be careful not to get stuck behind strollers but don’t be aggressive; there no reason to cause an injury.

5. When you arrive at the “Toontown Hall of Fame”, follow signs to Pixie Hollow and line up immediately; you can take photos outside this area when you exit. This area has two entrances – the one on the left is for the Disney Princesses and the one on the right is for the fairies. The two lines are separate so be sure you’re in line for the fairies. You can get in the princess line when you’re done with the fairies; Tinkerbell is the biggest draw right now so you definately want to do this first thing.

6 As you near the front of the line, you’ll be asked for the number of people in your party. You’ll also receive a special “Pixie PhotoPass” wristband – just in case you want to purchase the pictures taken by the Disney photographers. Then you’ll be ushered through some closed doors to the areas where you’ll be “reduced in size” for your meeting with the fairies. This process is completely painless and they promise to return you to your regular size when you leave Pixie Hollow.

7. As a courtesy to those waiting behind you, have your camera and autograph books ready. It is perfecly acceptable to ask the Disney photographer to use your personal camera to take a picture of the family or kids with the Fairies.

8. Tinker Bell is almost always available for photos and autographs and some of Tinker Bell’s fairly friends (like Iridessa and Rosetta) will also be there. On rare occasions, Tinker Bell may not be available – probably because Peter Pan needs her help for a few minutes.

9. After meeting the fairies, you’ll exit Pixie Hollow. If the Disney princesses are a priority, get in line to see them right away. You can also see Mickey Mouse nearby.

10. Lining up at Pixie Hollow as soon as Mickey’s Toontown Fair opens will mean waiting in line for 10 – 20 minutes. Check the “Waiting Time” sign when you leave – it is not uncommon to see 60 – 90 minute wait times within 15 minutes of this attraction opening and waits of up to 3 hours later in the day. Tinker Bell’s popularity also increases the waiting time at the other character Meet & Greet areas in Mickey’s Toontown Fair.

See our expanded article at http://www.squidoo.com/tinkerbell-at-walt-disney-world  for more ways to see Tinkerbell at Walt Disney World Resort and theme parks.  

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