Back from New York & Back at Work

June 28, 2010 at 9:20 pm Leave a comment

Our first trip to New York City was a lot of fun but we’re back in the office and back to work again.  We were happily surprised to find that some of our Walt Disney World touring experiences proved helpful in NYC.  We were pretty comfortable with entering and exiting crowded subways and we knew to look for the least crowded lines.  It’s interesting how often the subway turnstiles will have lines of 2 to 3 people when the turnstiles on either edge are completely empty.

Our travels also took us to Rhode Island where we enjoyed Waterfire.  This was a fun street fair and, while waiting for the braziers to be lighted, my 22 year old daughter made us laugh by asking when Mickey Mouse would arrive and saying that the forced perspective was so expertly done that the Providence, RI cityscape actually looked real. 

I read comments time and time again that New Yorkers don’t mind Disney prices on food and beverages because their prices are so high but we found some very reasonably priced meals – for example, Theater Row Diner.  A surprising number of restaurants didn’t offer free refills on beverages though.  

Have your trips to WDW affected your travel patterns?  We’d love to hear your comments.

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