Which Disney World Value Resort is the Best Deal?

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Cheapest Disney World Resort
A Comparison of the Disney World Value Resort Pricing

 Want to know how to get the best price on a Disney World Value Resort hotel room?   We’ve put together some price comparisons for you to help you get the best deal.   The Disney World Value Resorts are Disney’s Pop Century, All Star Movies, All Star Music, All Star Sports and the Art of Animation Resorts; they are also the least expensive of the Disney World official hotels.  We’ll compare the Disney World moderate and deluxe resorts in future posts.

There are three general ways that Disney charges for rooms and understanding those situations will help you get the best price.
1.  Rack Rate – This is the non-discounted price for a room in a Disney World hotel.
2.  Room Rate Discount –  These are promotions that reduce the cost of a room at a Disney World hotel.   These promotions may be offered to the general public or they may be offered to select individuals through a PIN code promotion.   This type of discount can usually be applied to both room-only and package reservations.  When applied to a package that includes theme park tickets and a Disney Dining Plan, the discount will only apply to the room portion of the package.   The Spring Discount in the examples below are this type of a promotion.
3. Vacation Package Promotions – This type of promotion discounts the tickets or dining plan but charges rack rate for the room.   The most familiar example of this is probably the Disney Free Dining Promotion where guests pay rack rate for the room portion of their package, the regular rate for their theme park tickets but receive the Disney Dining Plan for free.
In the examples below,  I’m comparing Rack Rate to the Spring Room Rate Discount.  I’ll look at actual prices for specific dates but this information will give you some general trends that will apply to other dates and other discounts.   These prices do not include sales tax.
April 14
  • Pop Century Resort: Rack Rate – $169  / Spring Offer – $135.20
  • All-Star Movies Resort: Rack Rate – $164 / Spring Offer – $155.80
  • All-Star Sports Resort: Rack Rate – $164 / Spring Offer – $131.20
  • All-Star Music Resort: Rack Rate – $164 / Spring Offer – $131.20
May 29
  • Pop Century Resort: Rack Rate – $114  / Spring Offer – $91.20
  • All-Star Movies Resort: Rack Rate – $107 / Spring Offer – $101.65
  • All-Star Sports Resort: Rack Rate – $107 / Spring Offer – $85.60
  • All-Star Music Resort: Rack Rate – $107 / Spring Offer – $85.60
June 19
  • Pop Century Resort: Rack Rate – $159  / Spring Offer – $127.20
  • All-Star Movies Resort: Rack Rate – $154 / Spring Offer – $146.30
  • All-Star Sports Resort: Rack Rate – $154 / Spring Offer – $123.20
  • All-Star Music Resort: Rack Rate – $154 / Spring Offer – $123.20
  • All-Star Music Resort – Family Suite: Rack Rate – $345 / Spring Offer – $276
  • Disney’s Art of Animation Family Suite: Rack Rate – $395 / Spring Offer – $375


  • Travel Dates Matter: Did you notice how much the rack rates and discounted rates varied from one date to another?  Traveling during Easter / Spring Break or during the summer season has a definite impact on the wallet.  If your dates are flexible, travel during slower times to save money and enjoy shorter lines.
  • Vacation Package Promotions – If the promotion discounts only the tickets and/or dining, use the information below about rack rate to guide your selection.  If the promotion includes a room rate discount, use the Room Discount Information.
  • Rack Rate: If you are paying rack rate or using a promotion that charges rack rate for the room but discounts other items like dining or tickets, Disney’s Pop Century will generally be the most expensive option, while the All-Star Resorts will probably cost the same amount.    Pop Century isn’t usually much more expensive so don’t rule it out, if it is your favorite resort.  You may not add a lot ot your total package price.  You can always ask your travel agent (like us! hint, hint) to compare Pop Century to one of the All-Stars to find out exactly how much it’ll add to your total cost.
  • Room Rate Discounts:  Did this one surprise you a bit? Disney’s All-Star Movies was the most expensive option. Disney’s All-Star Music and Disney’s All Star Sports were always the least expensive option by quite a large margin.  In the April 14th example, the spring disount provided a savings of $36.80 for Pop Century, $32.80 at All-Star Sports and All-Star Music, but only $8.20 savings for All-Star Movies.   That is a difference of at least $24 per night; a savings of $120 over the course of a 5 night stay.
  • Disney’s Art of Animation Resort doesn’t open until May 31st so we couldn’t include it in our earlier comparisions.  In a nutshell, it is Disney’s newest resort and, from early accounts, it seems that the amenities will be a little better than those found in the family suites at All-Star Music.   This means that Disney’s Art of Animation will also be the most expensive option.   The difference is especially profound when looking at the current room rate discount is only about 5% ($20) for Disney’s Art of Animation but 20% ($69) for Disney’s All-Star Music‘s family suites.
  • You can read about Disney’s Art of Animation Resort and see related photos and videos at http://www.buildabettermousetrip.com/images/wdw/ValueArtOfAnimation/index.htm

Final recommendation:

  • Don’t by shy about asking for a comparison.   Let us (or Disney or your Travel Agent) know whether the specific resort or the lowest price is the highest priority.  Let us know if you have any flexibility with travel dates so that we can help you get the best price.  We are always happy compare the available options for you.

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